The Tropical Conservation Consortium maintains a bank account with Citibank, providing applicants with the opportunity to make their Field Course Deposit by Bankwire from their own bank account if they chose to do so. The one caveat with this form of deposit is that there are service fees from both the bank account of the applicant and from Citibank where TCC’s bank account resides. Therefore, if an applicant choses to use this method of deposit, you will be responsible to pay the $75 Field Course Deposit in addition to the service fees for the Bankwire of your own bank and that of the Citibank Bankwire service fees to TCC. The Bankwire service fees are not part of the Field Course Deposit, they are a service fee of the banks and therefore do not count towards tuition costs afterwards.

In order to receive the information to send a bankwire, please contact: