Bryce M. Watts, BA

President & Co-founder
Forager Foundation

Owner & CEO – Forager Farms Inc.


BA, Anthropology
University of British Columbia


Background & Research Interests
Bryce’s education background is in anthropology focusing specifically on ethnobotany and traditional ecological knowledge. It was during his undergrad that he created Forager Farms and the Forager Foundation. Forager Farms is a business that creates partnerships with indigenous communities that incorporates traditional ecological knowledge into marketable food products to create tangible benefits for the community as a whole. 

His most recent academic research interest is corporate ethics when working with indigenous groups. So often in anthropology corporations are shown as exploitative entities that take from the most vulnerable and leave nothing of benefit behind. Through his work with Forager Farms Bryce is trying to create a structure for businesses to follow that involves all voices in planning and managing roles to make sure that everyone involved sees the benefit from whatever venture is at hand.

Forager Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to preserve and promote traditional ecological knowledge of indigenous communities and reconnect people with their natural environment. Bryce’s work with the foundation has meant the inception of a number of projects aimed at TEK education and the creation of Forager magazine, showcasing work being done to preserve TEK around the world.