Carlos Gustavo A. Ormond, PhD

Past-Executive Director & Faculty
Coral Reef Ecology
Conservation Professional Development
Environmental & Sustainability Education
Language & Literacy
Marine Science & Conservation Working Group

Executive Director, Haida Gwaii Higher Education Society

Sessional Instructor, Environmental Education
Simon Fraser University - Canada

Skype: carlos.ormond

PhD, Environmental and Science Education
Simon Fraser University
GS, Latin American Studies
Simon Fraser University
MEd, Ecological Education
Simon Fraser University
BA, Anthropology and Marine Biology
University of British Columbia

Research Interests / Intereses de Investigación
Although focusing on coral reef ecology and environmental education, I also have interests in fisheries management; conservation strategies; global environmental politics; human rights and the environment; local and traditional ecological knowledge; and community empowerment. I am also a member of the Coalición por los Tiburones (Shark Coalition) and the Research Coordinator for the Institute for Environmental Learning, which is a United Nations Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development.

Aunque mi interés está concentrado en la ecología de arrecifes coralinos y en la educación ambiental, también tengo intereses en el manejo de la pesca; en las estrategias de conservación; en la política global del ambiente; en los derechos humanos y en el ambiente; en el conocimiento ecológico local y tradicional; y en el empoderamiento comunitario. También soy miembro de la Coalición por los Tiburones y Coordinador de Investigación para el Instituto del Aprendizaje del Medio Ambiente, el cual es un Centro de Especialización Regional sobre Educación para un Desarrollo Sostenible.


Teaching Experience / Experiencia de Enseñanza

I have been teaching the Coral Reef Ecology field course for nearly ten years, mentored early on by Marine Scientists Dr. Rob DeWreede from the University of British Columbia; and Dr. Dimitri Deheyn from Scripps Oceanography Institute. This course is designed for students to accomplish multiple learning objectives: basic comprehension of marine ecology; knowledge of Caribbean taxa and their ecology; scientific criticism; development, implementation, analysis, and presentation of an independent research project; beginning scientific diving; and practical field skills. The flexibility of the course design and the high instructor:student ratio provides an exceptional opportunity to the motivated student.

Recent Research Contributions

Chaves, L., Feitosa, J. Ormond, C, & Côte, I. 2014. The invasion of the Indo-Pacific lionfish off Bocas del Toro Archipelago, Panama: Are fishers doing their part? Oral presentation at the 67th Annual Conference of the Gulf & Caribbean Fisheries Institute,  Bridgetown, Barbados.

Watts, J.C., Marty, M.J., Conti-Jerpe, I.E., Ormond, C.G.A., Chaves, L.C.T., Finelli, C.M. 2014. Tracking the impacts of development through benthic surveys and stable isotope analysis in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Submitted for poster presentation to the 3rd International Marine Conservation Congress.

Scott, A., Chaves, L., Marty, M.J., Ormond, C.G.A., Nerness, A. 2014. Feeding selection of a corallivorous and herbivorous parrotfish on a Panamanian coral reef. Submitted for poster presentation to the 3rd International Marine Conservation Congress.

Wooster, M.K., Marty, M.J., Chaves, L., Ormond, C.G.A., Pawlik, J.R. 2014. Quantifying sponge associational refugia in the absence of spongivores. Poster presentation at the 43rd Benthic Ecology Meeting.

Hannon, M.C., Marty, M.J., Chaves, L., Ormond, C.G.A., Cowart, J.R. 2013. Distasteful disappearing act: Evidence for a trade-off between anti-predatory strategies in Sabellid worms. Poster at 42nd Benthic Ecology Meeting.

Cowart, J.R., Chaves, L., Marty, M.J., Ormond, C.G.A., Gonzalez, M., Olsson, S., Hannon, M.C. 2013. Food selection and trophic roles of two Atlantic surgeonfish Acanthurus tractus and Acanthurus chirurgus on coral reefs in Bocas del Toro, Panamá. Poster at 42nd Benthic Ecology Meeting.

Gonzalez, M.M., Reynolds, N., Chaves, L., Marty, M.J., Ormond, C.G.A., McGinty, E.S., Green, S.J. 2013. Monitoring and managing the invasion of Indo-Pacific lionfish in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Poster at 4th Congresso Brasileiro de Biologia Marinha.

Cline, T., Chaves, L., Marty, M.J., Ormond, C.G.A. 2013. Determining the Effects of Competition on Territory Size of the Dusky Damselfish Stegastes adustus off Bocas del Toro Archipelago: a density-dependent Scenario. Poster at 4th Congresso Brasileiro de Biologia Marinha.

Fehr, A., Krongrad, L., Duscher, A., Chaves, L., Fleming, E., Feitosa, J., George, A., Gloeckler, K., Irvine, A., Marty, M.J., McGinty, L., Nagy, M., Ormond, C., Otto, G., Paullin, C., Seely, T., Van Heukelem, L., and Withers, A. 2012. Assessment of the lionfish invasion off Bocas Del Toro Archipelago. 12th International Coral Reef Symposium.

Chaves, L., Ormond, C., McGinty, L., Marty, M.J., Nagy, M., Fehr, A., Paullin, C., Krongrad, L., Withers, A., and Padovani, B. 2011. Habitat segregation among damselfish in Bocas del Toro coral reefs, Panama: Effects of depth and wave exposure. 3rd Brazilian Congress of Marine Biology.