David Carson, BA, DipWrit

Communications Coordinator
Environmental & Sustainability Education
Language & Literacy

Email: dcarson@tropicalcc.org

DipWrit, Professional Writing
Douglas College
BA, English Literature
University of British Columbia


Communications Expertise

Strategic planning and communications—generate interest and buzz around organizational initiatives through targeted, focused campaigns that use creative tactics to capture diverse audiences and increase brand/organizational awareness.  

Media management—develop and maintain strong ties with media to ensure stories are told in accordance with strategic messages, craft media releases, advisories and other pieces that reporters and editors can easily publish in accurate, engaging articles.

Telling stories—use my skills and experiences as a professional writer to maximize engagement and interest of target audiences and stakeholders using a variety of media.

Interests and passions

For as long as I can remember I have felt connected to the worlds that exist outside of civilization. I could be perched on a rocky shoreline with my binoculars and bird guide, descending onto a reef and seeing a new world open up before me, or traveling to distant and unspoiled ecosystems—these are the experiences that define me and I am committed to doing whatever I can to ensure these environments remain intact for future generations.

At my core I am also a storyteller. I take satisfaction in communicating messages that resound with my audiences and inspire discovery. For years I have used these skills to help local governments engage with residents, from crafting web copy, to annual reports, to Mayors' messages, to historical depictions that celebrate key municipal milestones. I understand that a careful strategy is the driving force behind any message and I have gained expertise in identifying and executing the best strategies to maximize campaign awareness.

The work I do with TCC is a perfect marriage of my passions. It connects me closely to the ecological challenges we face, celebrates the beauty, diversity and power of the natural world, and reaches out to communities who are learning that sustainability leads to empowerment—that success does not have to come at the expense of the environment.

It is my role to ensure that we are taking advantage of every available resource to teach communities how to develop sustainably and to spread the word about the important work that TCC is so committed to.