David F. Rodríguez Mora, BSc

Teaching Assistant & Researcher
Plant Science & Ethnobotany Working Group

BS, Biología
Universidad Nacional de Colombia – Bogotá 
Erasmus Student, Scienze Biologiche e Scienze Naturali Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II – Naples, Italy

Botany, ethnobotany, psychoactive plants and permaculture. I am interested in the integrative approach of plant uses. I believe that hidden within the intimate relationship found between people and plants lie the crucial solutions to the majority of the fundamental challenges faced by humankind.

My teaching experience pertains to the realm of botany, ethnobotany and languages. 
As a teaching assistant I have supported courses at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá D.C., Colombia (Taxonomía de Angiospermas, 2013), Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá D.C., Colombia (Las Plantas y el Hombre, 2013) and the Tropical Conservation Consortium in Isla Colón, Panamá (Tropical Botany and Ethnobotany Field Course, 2013-2014). Additionally, I have imparted one-to-one and group lessons of English, Spanish and Italian at St. Peters English Language Center in Naples, Italy (2012), the Language Workshop in Bogotá D.C., Colombia (2013) and the Tropical Conservation Consortium in Isla Colón, Panama (2013-2014).