Garifuna Temple Garden


TCC is partnering with the Wagiya Foundation of Belize to design and implement the culinary, medicinal, and spiritual gardens as part of the efforts to rebuild the Garifuna temple, or dabuyaba, in Barranco, Belize.  The former dabuyaba was tragically set on fire and burned to the ground in April of 2015, leaving nothing but ashes behind.

The dabuyaba is the strongest manifestation of spirituality in the Garifuna community, for the people of Barranco and much of the diaspora that can trace their roots back to Barranco, on the southern coast of Belize.  The dabuyaba is where Garinagu gather as family, receive spiritual guidance, hold important meetings, and celebrate life with their ancestors in sacred ceremonies.  The strong spiritual connection with past generations is integral to maintaining community and is symbolized in the traditional ceremonies such as the chugú and dügü, among others, which take place in the dabuyaba.

Efforts are underway to rebuild the dabuyaba and associated buildings.  With your help TCC can implement the garden designs for this sacred site, and contribute to the conservation of Garifuna traditional plant knowledge.

Culinary, medicinal, and spiritual garden beds will provide for the temple's kitchen, healing, and sacred ceremonies. These beds will be located in the large open area between the buildings of the dabuyaba complex. Coastal stabilizing plants will contribute to maintaining the beach to the east of the temple site and the saltwater creek to the north.  

All planted areas are designed to serve as learning gardens, sites where elders and other knowledgeable community members can teach the youth about plants that heal, that are nutritious, and that are integral to Garifuna spirituality.  The temple garden is an important site to pass on traditional knowledge regarding the sustainable use of the regional biodiversity.  With your contributions TCC can build the gardens to help provide these opportunities to Barranco village.



Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and are tax-deductible.  100% of each donation will go directly to the implementation of the Garifuna Temple Garden in Barranco village on the southern coast of Belize, Central America.  If you would like a receipt for your tax-deductible donation, please contact TCC at:


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