Jennifer Pinette, MA

TCC marine Science and conservation working group

MA, Planning/Disaster and Risk Management
University of British Columbia
BA, Geography and Psychology
University of British Columbia

Research & Community Engagement Experience
My research has focused on community-based approaches to fostering social capital and building community resilience in response to the increased risks associated with changing global social and environmental conditions. I have explored risk transfer in the context of floods, the effectiveness of capacity building techniques in Costa Rica and Japan, the value of participatory action research in urban and natural resource planning and opportunities for increased community involvement in the field of disaster management.

My research has led me to recognize the value that local experiences and observations bring to our collective knowledge of the natural world and our relationship with it. This understanding has guided the diverse community engagement initiatives I have developed and implemented in both Canada and the Caribbean, and led to my involvement with a grassroots conservation initiative in Costa Rica.

Current Interests
As an avid enthusiast of the underwater world and a certified PADI Divemaster, I have witnessed firsthand the impacts human-induced climate and resource related pressures are having on this ecosystem. Although still guided by the overarching principle of community engagement, my research has shifted focus to the relationship between the ocean, the populations that depend on it and effective management alternatives. Similarly, my action-oriented pursuits have shifted to community based marine conservation and education initiatives.