Laura Hepting, MSc

Community Outreach and Development Working Group

Director - Arajuno Road Project

MSc, Interdisciplinary Ecology
University of Florida

BA, Environmental Sciences
University of Florida

Research Interests
Laura Hepting, MS, is the Director of the Arajuno Road Project, a non-profit organization supporting the schools and improving the opportunities available to the children living along the road located between the small city of Puyo and the rural community of Arajuno – a culturally and ecologically diverse and unique area – in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Ms. Hepting also holds the position of Web Researcher at Environmental Health News/The Daily Climate, an independent, nonprofit news organization.

Ms. Hepting has over 10 years of professional work experience in both government and non-profit settings in rural and urban locations. Environmental and human health connections have traditionally been a primary focus of her work. Ms. Hepting holds a B.A. in Environmental Sciences and a M.S. in Interdisciplinary Ecology both from the University of Florida where she focused her advanced studies in the areas of Latin American Studies and Tropical Conservation and Development. Ms. Hepting came to live in Ecuador as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2009. She is married with a young daughter. Her ultimate goal is to help promote healthy lifestyles and quality of life on both the individual and community-level.