MC Hannon, BSc

Marine Science & Conservation Working Group

Department of Biological Sciences
Humboldt State University


BSc, Marine Biology
Humboldt State University

Research Interests
MC Hannon is a fifth year senior at Humboldt State University where she is expecting to graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Marine Biology and Zoology (Spring, 2015). As an invertebrate ecologist, MCs time is focused on elucidating the ecological drivers behind the sea star wasting syndrome occurring on the Pacific Coastline. Other works MC has participated in involve predator prey interactions in Sabellid worms, ocean acidification effects on the development of Opisthobranch larvae, and species diversity in mussel beds. This past year, MC volunteered as teachers assistant for the universities invertebrate zoology course where she developed a love for teaching. In the future she hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in biomechanics and eventually become a professor of invertebrate zoology.  

Currently MC is preparing to spend her 2014 summer interning at Hopkins Marine Lab under the advising of Dr. Kakani Young. MC was chosen out of many candidates to participate in this prestigious NSF REU program and will be developing a project on the swimming mechanics of Siphonophores.