Stephanie Green, PhD

Faculty & Program Director
Coral Reef Ecology
Lionfish Control & Management
Conservation Professional Development

David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow
Department of Zoology - Oregon State University



PhD, Marine Ecology and Conservation (Simon Fraser University)
BSc, Ecology and Environmental Biology (University of British Columbia)

Research Interests
I am an ecologist who is broadly interested in developing new quantitative tools and practical approaches to conserving aquatic ecosystems. My research approach combines manipulative field experiments, behavioural observations, and quantitative models of both species and size-based interactions within marine food webs. My dissertation research focused on quantifying patterns, processes and consequences of predation by invasive Indo-Pacific lionfish on Atlantic fish communities. I currently hold David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship at Oregon State University, where I work with NOAA and the US National Park Service on marine invasive species management and predatory recovery. My research is made possible through collaborations with government, non-profit and university partners internationally.

Teaching Philosophy
As an educator I strive to foster self-reliant, analytical, and creative thinking about the most pressing ecological and environmental problems facing our world today. I believe that inquiry-based learning is key to meeting this challenge, and use active techniques such as small group discussions, panel debates, and independent and collaborative field research projects to engage students in the learning process. My experiences teaching university lab, classroom, and field-based courses in marine biology, population dynamics and field ecology methods have shown me that experiential, hands-on learning is essential for developing critical thinking skills that equip budding scientists to address the major environmental challenges we face.